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Film animations 1960
on Little West 12th St. NYC NY

In 1960 I had a loft on Greene & Houston Streets,NYC, and a 16mm camera I'd purchased from Malcolm Morley that I was using as a roving "sketchbook." One day while visiting Peter Forakis who had a loft on Little West 12th street we gathered up some paints,brushes,and the camera and wandered the neighborhood looking for walls that needed embellishing. We settled on areas where others before us had painted "Scoreboards" and the like an walls. One
thing led to another until I spied some dried grass coming through the sidewalk...we painted that as well.

Windham College Carnival
students and faculty

assault on the colonnade
Putney, VT 1969

In 1969, while on the Art faculty of Windham College in Putney, VT along with Peter Forakis and David Rohn, we, and our students staged an Art Carnival based on those of of Ergo Suits of 1962 and Fluxus of 1963. The Edward Durrel Stone "Colonnade" designed to shelter the students
between classes during the winter months succeeded in doing exactly the opposite, as it channeled melting snow and rain on them instead. It was much hated by
all, so I focused on its symbolic destruction by my Sculpture Dance characters. I built a light weight replica of the Colonnade and directed the student "dancers" as they attacked it for the film.

Chuck Ginnever